Findings and Recommendations

The second step of the Techaerus process is the creation of a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. What sets Techaerus apart from other consultants is our ability to not only identify deficiencies, but also to quantify their costs and the value of their solutions. Simply put, we can tell you how much your weaknesses are costing you and the value of fixing them.

The Findings and Recommendations is basically a synthesis of the data collected during the Technology Assessment.

Findings & Recommendations Report


Our Skills findings will identify strengths and weaknesses across the firm’s staff and identify unknown employee strengths as well as areas where additional training would provide the greatest return on investment.

Technology assessment process


Our Hardware findings will provide a complete inventory of the firm’s hardware, it’s capabilities, shortcomings, and areas where investment is encouraged. In most instances, little investment in new hardware is necessary. Rather, it is the implementation of the hardware that requires improvement.

data collection report


Our Software findings will provide a complete inventory of the firm’s software, its capabilities, shortcomings, licensing, and areas where investment is encouraged. Most firms already possess the necessary software but have not exploited its most valuable capabilities.

Software Findings Report


Our Processes findings will identify all major office processes, their level of automation, and recommendations regarding best practices, efficiency, and risk. In most instances, this is what we refer to as the connective tissue of the Techaerus Process. Processes are where hardware, software and skill sets are integrated and the greatest efficiencies are created.