The final step in the Techaerus Process is to implement those recommendations selected by the client. Based upon those selections, Techaerus prepares a detailed Action Plan.

The Action Plan includes:

Business Process Implementation


In most instances, the training is performed by Techaerus. In certain cases, training may be performed by software and hardware providers. Either way, your staff will be able to use the software and hardware at their disposal with significantly improved effectiveness.

red Techaerus implementation plan

Hardware and Software Integration and Implementation

The driving concept behind Techaerus is that most firms own nearly everything they need to be efficient. Unfortunately, most firms fail to effectively apply their assets properly. That’s where Techaerus steps in. We bring to bear our experience to extract the greatest value possible from your investment in these assets.

blue Techaerus implementation plan

Process Development

One of the greatest values of office technology is the ability to automate repetitive processes. From the simple to the complex, Techaerus will ensure that data need only be entered once, that documents are automated, that calendars and appointments are maintained, and that the staff is free to perform tasks that require significant human interaction. It is here where the greatest return on investment can be found.