The fees we charge are predictable and related directly to the value we provide. Your satisfaction and return on investment are guaranteed.

We believe that hourly consulting incentivizes a myriad of adverse behavior. Clients do everything possible to use as little consulting time as possible to keep the billing down. As a result, they often end up with an incomplete or less than optimal result. The consultants, on the other hand, are keenly aware that their compensation is based upon the number of hours they work, thus encouraging unnecessary or inefficient efforts.

We HATE hourly billing (largely because we hate keeping timesheets). Instead, we focus on value. Our fees, agreed upon after our analysis but before any concrete services are performed, are based upon your anticipated and demonstrated return on investment. We will present you with a detailed scope of services and a firm price. Fifty percent of the balance will be payable upon commencement of our services.

The balance will only be due upon your satisfaction with the completion of our services.

You end up with a simple, predictable bill and we don’t have to keep time sheets (that’s a win-win in our book).