Our Favorite Sites

This section of the Resources Page lists our favorite websites. These are our ‘go to’ sites when we’re stumped or need information about products or services. Feel free to suggest other sites that should be added to this list.

Best Excel Sites for Basic and Advanced Users: https://chandoo.org/wp/. It has a funny name but we’ve yet to come across an Excel problem that they haven’t solved. Mr. Excel (I don’t know why Excel sites have funny names) is also excellent. https://www.mrexcel.com/

Best Tech News, Reviews and Downloads: https://cnet.com/. This is a large commercial site that we follow closely for new developments in technology. They also include some interesting offbeat stories.

Best Windows Community: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/ . For Windows, we go straight to the source. Microsoft people frequently monitor this site and provide useful feedback.

Best Hardware Reviews: https://tomshardware.com. This is a no frills site but his reviews are usually spot on and easy to read.


About the Author: AF

Allen Friedman Founder and CEO of Techaerus LLC

Allen Friedman is the owner and CEO of Techaerus LLC, an office efficiency consulting firm. He is also a licensed attorney. Allen founded and managed one of the largest consumer collections law firms in the country and managed over 50 attorneys as well as hundreds of non-attorney staff. Prior to founding that firm, he opened and managed the New York and Michigan operations for the largest consumer collections firm in the United States. Throughout his career, Allen has always placed great emphasis on ensuring that investments in office technology provide the greatest possible returns. In order to achieve these returns, he focuses on three pillars of office management; asset management, training, and automation. His expertise includes document/image management, software and hardware integration, training, and process management and automation. Allen lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Amy, his children Cassidy and Gideon, and two adorable dogs named Roxie (a labradoodle) and Bentley (an Old English Sheepdog).